Due Date is Almost Here

No sooner did I make a commitment to blogging regularly than my blog page crashed. But my blog guru son, Chris, got ‘er up and running again. Meanwhile, I met with the publisher of my book, The Memorial of Jesus, to discuss marketing. As an important part of that, Chris set up a page which you may have gone to today if you went to read my blog. I hope it doesn’t throw anyone. If you are reading this, you clearly are still sitting in your chair.

The page about my book is still under construction. By June, you will see the actual cover of the book and instructions on how to order it. There will be a place where I can post upcoming events and pictures after the events take place. It is a bit daunting. Already, I wonder sometimes if there are enough hours in the day and I think, “This will probably get worse.”

Getting the book published has been a long time dream. If you are interested in how the book came to be, that is what the book’s preface is about. You will have to buy the book to read the story. It has been one long journey.

Last week I had a meeting with my mentor, Hanna Kjeldbjerg, of Beavers Pond Press to talk about marketing. As I put away my notes before heading home, she said there was one more task for me to do before the book goes to press. She handed me the paper copy of the book and said that I should do my final edit and then it would go to print. No turning back after that.

I spent all the next day working on it. I have probably revised this book a dozen times since its conception. It has been edited and proofread by professionals. I know it as intimately as a mother knows its newborn child. As I went through it this last time, I realized two things:

1. I can be proud of the writing. The stories in The Memorial of Jesus are interesting and deeply human. I still cry when I read parts of it. I truly believe this was co-creation with my God.

2. I think I succeeded in communicating the spiritual message.

While the latter is the more important, I know the message would not get out if the book were not well written.

Friends who have been asking about the book can expect it go come out in June. Keep an eye out. I can’t wait to share The Memorial of Jesus with you.

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