Finding Balance in the World of Politics

One year ago today, I posted on Facebook: “I can’t really read anything political any more. Anything! The world will have to go on without me for a while.”

I am reading political news once again. I don’t know when I started after that day when I was so discouraged. Today, I feel I have found a balance. I look at the news items highlighted on my home page at the start of the day and I watch the national news most evenings. Once in a while, I might watch an interview on one of the news channels, but I  no longer allow politics to occupy my mental and emotional life. As soon as I walk away from the computer or the change the station on the TV, my thoughts go there. I believe this is what God asks of me. Be present…be here, now, in this place.

I want to be aware of all that goes on in my world because I am one with the world. I seek to be of service and most often the call to serve comes from my immediate circle of family and friends. Occasionally, I am called to served the larger circles of life. When that happens, I try to respond with wisdom and love.

L’Chaim. To Life! Shalom. To Peace!

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