Glad to Be Back

It is good to be back. I don’t mean home, I mean to my blog.

We made two mistakes in packing for our trip (which I will tell you about in the days to come). The first mistake was that we packed too many clothes. This was one of those last minute disagreements that Bernie and I had as we packed. I have had the experience of packing for several days using only a carry-on. I have learned that I can wear a shirt two or three times as long as I shower each day and wear deodorant. I know that if I get a stain on something, I can use a little magic pen to get it off or I can wash something in one spot and let it dry laying over my motel room bed. I can put my pills in a little container. I can even fit in a couple of books, a crossword puzzle book and my journal.

Bernie noted that the suggestions for packing by Road Scholar included that we bring clothes to dress nicely for dinner. I poo-pooed this idea. I thought that I would look just fine in a t-shirt and jeans as long as I put on a pair of earrings. I was right. He never wore the nice shirt or either of the two nice pairs of slacks or the nice shorts he packed. And I never wore the bulky new sweater I had bought a week before the trip that he insisted I bring because he thought I looked nice in it.  I am convinced that we could easily have left one of our carry-ons home or possibly the large check-in had I done the packing alone.

That was the first mistake. The second was not bringing the computer. Rightly, I knew we wouldn’t be able to use it on board the sip and we were far to busy to be fussing with the computer. But after we hit land and spent three nights at motels traveling Oregon, both of us suffered withdrawal. Bernie uses the computer to read the news in the morning and to play games when he is bored. Watching him pace when he wanted to relax and veg. was a bit like watching a gorilla in a cage. As for me, I missed writing my blog. I took to making comments on Facebook that looked exactly like blog posts. My comments were lengthy and opinionated and I took political sides when I have vowed to avoid doing that in my writing. I even threw Jesus in at the end of one blog. I sounded like a g-d evangelist.

I wrote an apology the next day and wrote no more.

Now I am home and my fingers are flying. I am soooo happy to be here where I can think deeply about what I believe, where I can poke around for information so that I don’t make unfounded statements, and where I can consider my readers more kindly.

As for the trip, We went on a Lewis and Clark Adventure on a small ship on the Columbia River for 8 days. Yes, I want to tell you about it.,,but not now. I have stacks of laundry to fold and put away…

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  1. I love it!! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I always over pack, but less now than I used to. I’m learning.
    Love you.

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