God is Everywhere…Even Inside You

I am always pleased to open a new book for my morning read. It is in the wee hours that I am able to be in silence enough to take in spiritual insights. I just started reading Mysticism of Now by Rafael Catala. I have not heard of this author before but I noted on the introductory pages a reference to The Nag Hammadi Library one of my resources for The Memorial of Jesus. I am curious to see what in this set of writings had meaning for him. Enough said about that!

This morning, I came across two morsels that cause me pause, pause to think and maybe smile a little. The first is his insight about omnipresence. This is a character of God I learned very early in my religious upbringing. Omnipresence simply means that God is everywhere. Catala says, “…for God, the universal intelligence, to be omnipresent it has to be inside and outside of me. As a matter of fact the life God has to be my very life and yours, the life of the rocks, the vegetables, animals, mountains and planets, galaxies and universes. Otherwise God is not omnipresent.” When I read this, I thought about those who fail to admit that God is within everyone. Many believe that we have to do something, believe something, or achieve something in order to be a fitting vessel for God. Believing that God is omnipresent means that you don’t need to do anything…God is already there in you.

Catala’s second morsel has to do with sin, a good follow to the other because people often believe that it is sin that keeps God from “coming in”. Catala learned that sin comes form the Hebrew word saten which means “to miss the mark”, a meaning devoid of guilt. “If you missed the mark you can try again until you get it right. This idea fits neatly into the idea of God being a loving father instead of a stern disciplinarian. Love it. And I think I will love this book.