Gotta Love Mother Nature

We are promised warmer weather in Minnesota. Monday in the 60,s perhaps.

With mounds of snow this means lots of melting, flooding in some places, and mud everywhere.

Why even think of the negatives when we have waited so long for spring to finally arrive, you may ask.

Silly! Don’t you know that this is what Minnesotans do?

Complaining about the weather keeps people of opposing views in politics, religion and lifestyles talking to one another.

Without it there could be no MInnesota Nice.

Weather talk makes us One while all of that other stuff divides.

So, I doubt that God, in the guise of Mother Nature, is displeased with us for being ungrateful.

Gotta love Mother Nature…she her earned her title as Mom.

One thought on “Gotta Love Mother Nature”

  1. Just a different form of April Showers that bring May flowers and then Summers beauty.

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