I Am Not An Evangelist

I posed to a woman the other day that I would really like it if her husband read my book. She said that he never would. He is an atheist. I tried to tell her that this is the very reason i want him to read it. I think the book presents a portrait of Jesus that even an atheist can accept. She didn’t buy it. She herself hasn’t shown interest in the book much less imagine her husband being interested.

From the start I looked forward to reaching those who struggle with relating to the ultra-divine Jesus that has been dominant for Christians through  most of our history. But I also hoped that my presentation would be pleasing to  non-Christians, especially those who may have bitter feelings toward the Church. The atheist community is full of folks like this who have been hurt or felt rejected by the Christian faith of their upbringing. I get it. I have no intention of “bringing the fallen-away back home”, but if I can play a part in healing past hurts, I am grateful.

I am in no way an evangelist seeking to convert others. I am one who trusts God to guide another person upon the path designed for them. But I know from my own life that when I am able to forgive the failings of those who I think harmed me, I am closer to being truly free and to experiencing serenity in my life.