Josiah’s Birthday

Here you have my grandson, Josiah, celebrating his 14th birthday. In my son’s house the birthday child gets to select his or her favorite food. Not only did Josiah get the requested t-bone steak, but he got a gourmet version purchased from friends who have a meat business known for its  premium products. Value $30. The rest of us had hot dogs.

The intent of this very special sharing is for my son to teach me how to put pictures on my blog. This one was taken with my phone. It is a daunting thing for me. Dealing with technology comes close to what I think hell is like. But I am giving it my best.

I am pleased with the picture and my first time success. I am especially pleased with Josiah. Isn’t he adorable?

PS. The rest of us didn’t really have hot dogs. We had delicious beef brisket prepared harmoniously by my daughter-in-law, Wendy, and my husband.

One thought on “Josiah’s Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you are there to share this. Congrats on putting in a picture . I feel the same way about technology that you do. Makes me wonder what is to come. I figured out how to put a fire stick on one tv for movies etc. Took a while but what an accomplishment! Good luck.

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