Lightening My Life as Energy Wanes

I turn 74 in a couple of weeks. Bernie and I will be ending our trip on the Columbia River that day and heading south along the Oregon coast toward Northern California. I am not sure how many of these types of trips we will be taking in the future. I am excited for the adventure, but conscious of how much energy and planning are involved.

Energy and brain power are waning for sure. Add to this is the long list of things I would like to do while I am still here. I have made a commitment for next year, the first of my resolutions:

  • No longer do I want to serve in any leadership capacity. The younger people can take this over. It is sometimes hard to let go and watch, but I have to remember that any skills I have acquired mostly from floundering. Let them flounder…be a cheerleader.
  • No more planning of big events. Say yes, perhaps, to taking on a role at an event I intended to attend anyway. Be helpful, but let others make the decisions.
  • Continue to serve but in a more spontaneous manner. Visit the sick, feed the hungry, give clothing to the naked, care for the widows and children…but only those right in front of me. To combine service with relationship is my favorite way to give.
  • Take time for those things that I love: writing, prayer, nature, and communicating with other seekers.
  • Live simply in order to keep my footprint upon the earth as light as possible. Spend money on things that fill my soul rather than my house.


One thought on “Lightening My Life as Energy Wanes”

  1. Yes you are right! First , have a joyous trip, secondly, Happy Birthday! 🎂I am younger than you and already thinking about all the same things. Bill is your age and has already given up a bunch of things, we just don’t want the hassle. Have been downsizing for years, seems to never end. Wish you luck in all those thoughts and endeavors cuz.

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