I want to do a follow up to yesterday’s post. I wrote that I set my intention for the day as “Practice noninterference. Miracles are habit and should be voluntary.” I said that, while I would try the noninterference part, I did not really get the part about miracles.”

Here is a little about how my day went. In the morning I just went about my home routine but tried to “go with the flow” with the people I share my life with. I attended to a few tasks related to the book. I wasn’t able to complete all I had set out to do, but was able to let the rest of my tasks go without getting my shorts in a bundle. Noninterference with the passage of time, I guess you might call this. This is somewhat of a miracle in itself. My usual default is frustration, even anxiety.

I left home and drove to Good Shepherd Nursing Home to visit my friend Olie. She was in good spirits and pretty sharp. She was thrilled by the statue of St. Francis I brought for her. As we sat together, I made a conscious decision to let her talk. I didn’t interfere with her need to feel sad about the many losses in her life. I didn’t try to make her feel guilty for the lack of appreciation she seemed to have at the moment. She felt what she felt. I let her to be free to just be who she was at that moment. Miracle#2

I went to a meeting. There is a friend who I have known for several years, a guy with a rather strong personality and can take a considerable amount of time to tell a story. I had been praying for this man, but not acting. One of my character defects…intentions without action.  But this day I brought a reading that I thought might help the group. After reading, I stopped and in my heart, I prayed for guidance. I took points from the reading and asked if these might apply to what my friend had been sharing. I could not believe how open he was! Miracle #3. Strange that I felt in a way like I was interfering, that is, poking in to his business. But as I reflect now, I think I was actually practicing non-interference with the flow of divine guidance through me.

Later I had coffee with a friend who had read my book. A delightful time. We talked about a common friend that had left the community and how we both missed him terribly. When I drove out to the House of Prayer, I was surprised to find that this man whom I consider my spiritual director, was giving a retreat. I caught him between teaching sessions cooking in the kitchen.  He was excited about my new adventure, had been waiting for day when my book would finally be published. Gave him a copy of The Memorial of Jesus and as we parted I said, “I miss you.” “I miss you, too,” he said. I was so grateful for this brief reunion and hoped that the union will not be left neglected as it has been for some time. Miracle #4.

As I was leaving the House of Prayer, I noticed a woman that I’d met another time, almost exactly a year earlier at another retreat center. She’d been the presenter and had told me that when my book is finally published she would be interested in knowing about it. I had forgotten completely. Miracle #5

Miracles 6 & 7 are the convenience stores I passed on the way home, where I didn’t stop for a bag of chips or candy. I arrived home properly hungry and with an appreciation for the meal prepared. No guilt, just gratitude.

So what is so habitual of miracles? Perhaps miracles are God’s habits, the habit of God being nice, like he is love and can’t really help it. Perhaps miracles are simply the knee-jerk reaction of the world whenever we do something nice? Perhaps they are what happens when we don’t let our fearful or selfish thoughts get in the way of doing a kind act or saying a kind thing. Maybe this comes natural for some, but I have had to work to make kindness an automatic thing. In fact, I am still working on it. I think it will be good for me to remember yesterday, to remember my faith statement and the value of setting an intention. It can only get better, right?