My Old Friend

Sometimes when one feels stuck, it is a good thing to consider old rituals. This morning I set the timer on my phone to go off when the sunrise was to happen in Royalton. 6 am. I closed the book I was reading, slipped on a jacket, and with my coffee cup in hand, I walked out. Where I live, I have to walk to the east side of the grove of trees in front of our house. It is a short walk and along the path I often see rabbits that have been known to stop and watch me pass.

It felt good to breath in the cool morning air. If one meditates by paying attention to one’s breath, doing it outside is an amazing blessing. It feels like one is breathing in the spirit of God and exhaling one’s own spirit to be graciously received by the trees.

I had stopped my ritual a while back when I was struck with knee and back problems. That, plus a level of laziness. I just was too comfortable sitting in my rocker, wrapped in a cozy blanket, to face a cold morning. This morning it wasn’t cold. A good day to revisit an old ritual.

The beautiful thing is that, while I had lapsed, the sun hadn’t. She is the faithful one in this relationship. My old friend.

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