New Carpeting

As I sit here, there are two nice men laying carpeting in my living room. I smelled something that I thought was burning and realized that one was using an instrument that looked like a hot iron. I guess I am safe. Keep my coat nearby.

Our new carpeting is only a shade darker than what is being torn away, so it is still light, lighter than I remember picking from the samples. But I really like it. The room is looking so bright that I dread putting the dark brown couch and  chairs back. This starts me thinking about new furniture. Bernie and I talked a little about that this morning and we both agreed that the couch will never go. Never! It is crappy for sitting on (sorry, guests), but it is amazing for taking a nap or going to in the middle of the night, which I often do when I roll over on a sore shoulder. I thought that after I replace all of the other furniture with something lighter, I will throw something over the couch. A throw will slip and slide because it is leather. Maybe just a couple of light colored pillows, though these tend to slip and slide, too. I have tried it.

Bernie will be surprised when he gets home and I tell him that we are going to buy new furniture. We already invested in a new vacuum cleaner. But the carpet guy told me that my pads are great…no need to put new ones in. I think we should spend the money saved on pads with great speed before we get to comfortable seeing it in our savings.

The sun is hanging around more these days. Pretty soon light will be even-steven with the darkeness. My mood is changing. All is well.

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  1. how bout accent pillows or accessories with something dark to compliment the dark sofa? just a thought. happy day!!

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