Politics and the Kingdom of God

Richard Rohr’s meditations this week have been about politics. This morning he writes: “Transformative change in politics depends so much on having a clear view of the desired end.” He suggests various sources for one’s view of a desired end might originate in political platforms or political candidates. “But,” Rohr writes, “for the person of faith, that vision finds its roots in God’s intended  and preferred future for the world…not as a dogmatic blueprint but as an experiential encounter with God’s love.”

I have always believed that the place faith and politics come together is where a person of faith engages in politics. We don’t need to proclaim a state religion. People carry their faith into their vote and service and, as Rohr says, “…in their view of the end.”

Those of you who have read my book, The Memorial of Jesus, know that I envision a way to live in the Kingdom of God even as we continue to walk upon the earth. Remember the Lord’s Prayer. As Jesus saw his mission to build the Kingdom on Earth, I believe it was his intention to call all humans to make the Kingdom real. I believe the role of Christians is to continually hold Jesus’ vision up to the world.

I am not sure how other Christians try to live out this leading by Jesus, but I do it in a couple of ways. First of I open my eyes to seeing and hearing the signs of the Kingdom. There is no doubt in my mind that when we saw the young boys and their coach being rescued from the cave in Thailand we were seeing the Kingdom of God. Those who risked their lives, all those who fed the team or prayed their hearts out were the Kingdom people because it was pure love that motivated them. This is what the Kingdom looks like: love in action. You can see it if you look for it. Seeing it and naming it makes it grow like water on the plant.

The second thing I do is to open my eyes to seeing and hearing the signs of the enemy’s work. I am talking about Satan, the personification of evil, whose number one intention is to prevent the Kingdom from coming to fruition. Whenever I see words and actions that are about hate instead of Love, I know that Satan is at work in the hearts and souls of humans. When I see children being ripped away from their parents’ arms, I see Satan’s handiwork.

We bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the Earth through our actions. God’s Spirit, Genesis says, is breathed into us and, as I see it, moves though us upon the Earthly Kingdom. This work is the work of human beings. Some suggest it is carrying on the work of creation. All that builds up, leads to growth, heals, and mends is of God. All that tears down, leads to death, destruction and division is not.

Simple. Easy to understand, almost impossible to live. But as Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible for God.”

2 thoughts on “Politics and the Kingdom of God”

  1. I so love and believe your thinking! I had two moving “God within me” experiences this week. I was at the cancer treatment center for my Chemo and on the way to an appointment there I passed a lady sitting alone and crying. I stopped and asked her if she was ok. I asked if anyone was with her. She said no one in her family could come with her and this was her first chemo appointment. I reassured her that it would be ok, that they take great care of the patients here and that she was not alone. “Gods got this” Told her I was going in for my 16th treatment. Told her I would see her there later. WHen I did see her she was walking around smiling and told me she was okay. I’m glad I took the time to stop. The second time I was walking out of this hospital alone . Off for another month and when the doors shut behind me I saw the light of Angels close behind the doors and then it felt like someone was holding my hand! I knew God was with me letting me know everything would be okay. I get such joy from all the encouragement from all the doctors and nurses and others there, it is so uplifting, so to leave there is really sad for me. I so want to help the others there and will each time I am there myself. It is so rewarding. I am helping to bring the Kingdom here on earth!

    1. What a beautiful sharing. Thank you. Yes, I think that you were living in and experiencing the Kingdom of God on earth at that moment that you stopped to care about the woman. You were Jesus to her. She doesn’t even have to know that.
      And then to have God affirm your love! Joy.

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