Reading in the Wee Hours

Next to where I sit in my living room in the wee hours of the morning, there is a pad of paper. Sometimes, I write little notes to remind myself to do things later in the day. Putting them in writing assures that they will be attended to and I don’t have to worry that I will later forget (unless, of course, I forget to check my notes). Then I can get my mind back to my reading.

On the pad, I also will make notes about possible blog topics. These ideas usually spring up from what I am reading. If you follow my blog, you will note how often I share ideas and quotes from these books. I choose my books very carefully. I will always have one book of a spiritual or religious nature. Right now I am reading Christianity After Religion, by Diana Butler Bass, which I quoted yesterday. I wish I had read it sooner before I finished my book. Her quote would have been perfect for my introduction.

Another book I wish I had read sooner is What Every Christian Needs to Know About The Jewishness of Jesus, by Rabbi Evan Moffic. Earlier in my journey, I wanted to find a Jewish scholar willing to read my manuscript because I didn’t want to write anything offensive to my Jewish brothers and sisters. There are some facts in his book about Judaism in the time of Jesus that I wish I’d known. This same rabbi, who happens to be from my hometown Chicago, wrote another book I can’t wait to read: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Passover. Ours is a Christian family that has been celebrating the Passover for 40 years. I had the same concern when I wrote the script for the seder meal. I hope I have been respectful in both The Memorial of Jesus and our family’s seder script.

I also like to be reading books that help me to understand my world. Since the first of the year, I read a book on the Lewis and Clark expedition and another on the history of the presidency. I sometimes read books on themes like war and violence or making peace. Occasionally I will choose something that leads me to search my own inner territory, like the one I just completed, The Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr.

I seldom revisit books though I will reread the Bible every few years. I have read Peace Pilgrim half a dozen times because it keeps reminding me that peace is possible if I just live peace every day.

I do enjoy fiction, but I reserve this for my night time reading. I am reading Minnesota authors currently, figuring that in the months ahead I may come across some of these. We have some great writers in Minnesota.

This isn’t exactly what I set out to write this morning. I wanted to tackle the first and very controversial idea I had listed at the top of my pad of paper. Instead, I got myself engaged in this conversation with ya’ll. For those of you who love to read as I do, I have a really good book to recommend…………………..

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  1. Love your posts. They help energize me! Would love your book “list”. Bill gets into the same books or similar so would love for him. At his age he needs more things to talk about. Thanks

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