So Sad Am I

I am trying not to get political but is concern for my country really about politics? What is being done to the refugees at our southern border, the separation of children from their mothers, is horrifying. How can human beings do this to other human beings? I suppose you might find the answer if you were to ask those who participated in Hitler’s extermination of the Jews. I think, “What if it were my job to work on the border and I was ordered to pull a child from its mother’s arms?” Those brought to trial after the war either expressed their contempt for those they killed or said they were simply following orders. I cannot believe this is being done right here in my own country!

Meanwhile, those who protest injustices are deemed unAmerican. Already, those who fail to stand during the national anthem to  protest injustice are being singled out. If this spiral downward continues, in time, citizens in local communities will be singled out if they refuse to stand or put their hands over their hearts just as those who failed to lift their arms in salute to Hitler were observed and then arrested.  I have already begun to lower my eyes in prayer instead of speaking the pledge, so sad am I. I love what my country stands for and I understand that becoming truly free and just for all has been a struggle…but what has been happening in our country in the past two years feels very dark and frightening. I am protesting what is happening to our children and minorities and the poor. I am protesting the loss of our values.

I look forward to the day I can lift my eyes again in pride for my country.

4 thoughts on “So Sad Am I”

  1. So glad to hear you speak out. What can we do?? I want so much to do something about it.
    With a heavy heart

    1. There was a march to Mar-A-Lago today. My daughter told me that she read that in unity with that march, people should take action such as contacting their legislators. I have sometimes taken for granted my own because I know where they stand on issues important to me, but I realized today that in writing to them, I am adding numbers of citizens that they can talk about in support of an issue. I plan to contact our US reps today.

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