Straddling between Two Kingdoms

It is expected to be in the 40’s today. It is rather windy but I still plan to step out for a walk this afternoon. The mile plus walk I took yesterday with others for gun control reeked havoc on my feet. I guess I am really out of shape and can’t wait to change that.

I read this morning that the NRA says that the movement of young people is really instigated by bad adults, part of the overall conspiracy. Wow, that is a lot of control! Maybe even possible. But I don’t think so. I am not part of a conspiracy just because I want to take guns off the streets and out of schools. While I support Democratic measures for sensible gun controls, I personally would go much further. I am with Peace Pilgrim who spoke total non-violence. End all violence between individuals, in families, among neighbors, and between nations. She also spoke about starting by removing violence from within yourself. I know that Jesus wants that, too.

Here it is: whenever I am loving, I am living in the Kingdom of God as Jesus preached it, here and now. When I am self-centered, I  am living in the Earthly Kingdom, which Jesus said to wear loosely. I won’t be fully in the former until I leave the latter, but I am doing the best I can to increase my time spent in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Not always easy, but amazingly simple.