The Earth belongs to God

The earth belongs to God. When did humankind ever get the idea that it is otherwise? Nations/property ownership is simply one way we organize ourselves.”Here, you take care of that piece of God’s land and I (we) will take care of this piece.”

When the president moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, he took a stand on behalf of the American people. He put his stamp of approval on one people’s right to call a land their own over another’s. The Palestinians have been put behind a wall. We did it here on this land to the original inhabitants and called these places reservations. I am ashamed of what we did to the people of this land and now I am ashamed that my country, under the leadership of this president, condones Israel doing the same.

I am pro-life. I believe that no piece of land is worth death. I would be proud of a leader who would be a true peace-maker. I am not sure where in the world we have true peacemakers today, at least not among its leaders.

A sad day for America.

2 thoughts on “The Earth belongs to God”

  1. A bit behind on emails. This brings to mind the thought of “Jubilee Year.” Perhaps it’s time to declare 2018 the Jubilee year for all time, dividing the land in a just, fair, and equitable way.

    1. Oh, Chuck, if only. The kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, it seems, is an internal spiritual reality. On the other hand, I see the kingdom come whenever I watch my friend Chuck loving others.

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