Time Deep Down

I have done my share of senior complaining about how I can’t multitask any more and forgetting what I am doing from one moment to the next and the slipping away of time…God knows I can get pissy. Deepak Chopra, in his book, Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul writes about the struggle we tend to have with time and our sense that there isn’t enough of it. Time, as we perceive it, is a human invention to help us live in a practical way on this earth. But reality is actually timeless. I suspect that it is my age that makes time such an issue with me. At 73, I am keenly aware of the shortness of life before me. I am not always satisfied with the things on my time line. Much of it feels meaningless or superficial. A bother, you might say. I feel I am constantly surrendering to whatever is before me. I often feel distracted, helpless, and even confused by too much busyness.

Chopra offered an image this morning that I find helpful. “When the task of time management is turned over to the mind,” he writes, “the order it tries to impose is crude and unsatisfying compared with the spontaneous organization of the timeless. To be whole, you must let the timeless merge with time. That isn’t a matter of changing our attitudes alone. You need to cultivate deep awareness, because on the surface, awareness shifts constantly as one thing after another claims your attention.” He offers this beautiful image: “A river runs faster on the surface, but is nearly motionless at the bottom.”

There are moments in my day when it seems too much is demanding my attention at one time. I don’t handle it well. To those trying to communicate with me, I may look like a deer staring into the headlights, but in reality, I am trying to find that deeper place where time moves slowly. I want to sink down and let the clutter and confusion pass by on the surface on their own. I am not a deep-sea diver, but those I know who go into the depths, tell me that this place below is truly a place of peace. I think I understand.

2 thoughts on “Time Deep Down”

  1. If this is a river, it is moving water and if our destination is upstream and too far away to be visible we have to keep paddeling toward our destination. At some point we won’t be able to see our departure point or our destination but we have to keep paddeling trusting our inner or true self that we are moving toward our destination on the other shore.

    1. I do feel at times that I am trying to go opposite of the way the rest of the world around me. The proverbial drummer with a different beat. Alas. This is mostly internal. I appreciate friends who know this, who know what it is to live in this other reality. True presence. In the Moment. At least we try. Thanks, Chuck, for being one of these.

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