Waking In the Wee Hours

I woke up in the wee hours and went to lay on the couch for an hour or more. I finally got up around four to start the coffee. Later, when I visited my Facebook page, I saw that local friends were chatting about how they had been awake since two or three AM.  Once again, I pondered how we are all effected by weather and moon phases and seasons changing. We share this with our four-legged friends and the ones with feathers. We are all one.

There is a lot on my plate today and I will be facing it a little on the tired side. All will be fine, I know. Perhaps a nap or a good night’s sleep and I will be perky again. Time passes, my body and my moods change as I roll. Today I have a few mundane tasks and I see some friends. I may have to drag myself through the tasks but my friends will lift my spirits…it always happens.

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