Watching Out for Addictions

I am amazed at how my moods can change from day to day. Yesterday I felt like I was dragging around my own dead body with functioning feet. Every so often I thought, “I should stop and take a nap,” but, instead, would set myself in my rocker like a sack of flour and play games on my phone. I should get rid of the games, but they come in so handy when I have to wait in the doctor’s office or when riding a long distance with a not-talkative person with different taste in radio stations than I have.

I have 8 games on the phone, all free. It corks me when a game that claims to be free wants to charge me for added time or more killer balloons or more hints. One game finally cut me off like a rookie insurance agent that finally accepts that your “no” means “no”. Those game apps are counting on people getting addicted. I have dealt with addiction and have acquired some limits that help me from getting hooked:

  1. I hate spending money on something so frivolous as a game. If there were no free game apps I would have no games on my phone and I would go back to paper back crossword puzzle books.
  2. I have to watch out when something starts looking like my real addictions. For example, I find myself not doing things I really should do or I play a game over and over again until I find I have played a game for an hour that only takes 4 minutes to play.
  3. The third sign is when something becomes my first default, like automatically grabbing chocolate as soon as I get bored.

Yesterday was one day that all three of these danger signs showed up. So far today, and it is 11:19 am, I haven’t played a game. My mood is better today in spite of the December in April weather we are having in Minnesota. We will see how the rest of the day goes.