Weary of Evil

I read a news headline this morning about a man who stomped an 18 month old child to death. It was one of the worst acts of violence I can recall. It took me into a place I would rather not be but sometimes go…into consciousness of evil. It feels to me that evil is larger and more powerful today than in the past, as though someone let it out of the bag. I see it in senseless acts like this one, but also in acts of terrorism, violence against groups of people because of their race or religion or sexuality, so-called ethnic cleansing, political torture, abuses of women, children and the incarcerated, domestic violence, the shootings we are seeing here and around the world…the list goes on and on. This is the goal of evil…to destroy.

In the book of genesis in the Bible we are told that after God created the heavens, the earth with all that is on it, and human beings, He said, “This is good!” Clearly, humankind does not believe in goodness. One would not destroy something that is good. In an ideal world, one that operates the way I believe God intends, there would be no acts of violence between human beings. Humans, assigned by God to care for the earth, would use the gifts it gives frugally and wisely. The prophet Micah spoke about a day when guns (he said swords) would be turned into plows. I look forward to that day.

I am weary. I expect that moment will come, perhaps today, when the consciousness of goodness will return and overtake the darkness I feel right now.