Why I Hate Dieting

Bernie and I are on a diet. Both of us need to lose weight. I tried to find some kind of diet that would be acceptable to both of us but my search led only to frustration. I went to Barnes’ and Noble to find the perfect book but all I found were diet books with pages and pages of information about how the body works, what it needs and lots about motivating yourself. The fact is, I know all this stuff. I have had a few times when dieting has worked for me, but at 73, I find I don’t really care how I look like I did when I was young. I want to be healthy because it gives me hope that my latter years will be less uncomfortable. This is why I exercise, too. My problem is that diets and exercise bore me to death. My favorite activities are reading, writing and sitting around talking with people.

I went on line and searched diet menu plans for dieting. This brought up some helpful tips on choosing foods for meals and snacks. This seemed much simpler than rehashing all the studies I had done in the past. So I told Bernie, “I will plan our meals and hope for the best.” I also decided to count calories after we eat rather than before. I figure that over time, knowing what to eat and portions will come naturally.

We started yesterday. What Bernie is not used to is the measuring (just one teaspoon of butter on your toast, only 2 tablespoons of dressing on your salad). I am not planning to get into non-fat foods. I would rather just cut back on the amount of something that tastes good than eat a greater volume of something that tastes like rubber.

We got through our first day. This morning I made berry, banana, yogurt smoothies for breakfast. I told Bernie he can have a piece of toast with his. So far so good. Yet, I have to tell you that I am spending  way to  much time thinking about this and making notes. There are a hundred things I would rather be doing. What I really want is for Oprah’s Mr. Green to move in with and prepare all our meals and leave me free to do whatever I want with my time.

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  1. I don’t particularly care for the word…diet. I had to recently lose 2 stone in order to be able to have my hip replacement surgery. I started with a list of the 5 worst things that put on the weight. They are bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and sugar. I didn’t cut them all out at once; I started with one for a month. And then went on to the next one. I found that the one that made the biggest difference was sugar. Sugar is in everything! Put some weight back on after the surgery as many of our friends and family were bringing over food as I couldn’t cook. But once I can get around without any walking sticks, I am hoping that getting outside and walking will finish the job. I still have 50+ more to lose; but it’s my future I have to think about. And your future, Judy, is so important to you and so many. xxx

    1. I agree about the sugar. I find it terribly addicting. When I gave up sugar in the past, it took 3-4 weeks for cravings to go away. As for breads, etc. I avoid what I call “empty carbs”, carbs with no nutritive value. I am appreciating all these comments. They are helping to motivate me.

  2. I’m with you Grandma! I don’t like diets and even when I did Weight Watchers years ago, it really came down to portion control.
    I’m going to need to do something though because I’d love to lose weight before my wedding!

    1. I revisited Weight Watchers recently and things have changed a bit, but just as others are suggesting here, getting used to smaller portions is probably the most important part. And I think, when losing weight, it may also require eliminating triggers. Sugar causes cravings for more sugar. Empty carbs (ie. white bread) also. Think beyond the wedding. I can tell you extra weight doesn’t make aging go better.

  3. I agree with you. Don’t ask me to follow a diet. I just try with reducing portion control, cutting out sweets and bread. We’ll see how it goes. And yes if someone could just put the right foods in front that could work well. I do love to here others success stories. My motto is work off more than you take in. Just tryin to keep it simple!!

    1. I seems that in the process of counting calories and measuring, portions just seem to get smaller on their own. Makes me think that maybe might as well go straight for the portion control. I am going to keep going with this calorie thing for a while. Bernie is learning about measuring…I suspect in time he will be able to look at his plate and just know what is a reasonable amount of food.

  4. I hardly have the right to comment. 50+ lbs have come off but not in a good way. I have to admit thought that portion control is the answer. If you go out to eat immediately ask for a to go box and put half the meal in it before you start to eat. I have a niece who did this with great success. Smaller portions at home help to. Eat whatever you want. I finally got Bill to quit his beer and wine every day and in 4 months he has lost 14 #. Limiting sweets is also a biggie. Good luck!

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