From Either – Or to Both – And

I am not an either-or person. Not always popular. Often misunderstood. I get upset sometimes over what people post on Facebook, especially if the post is expecting something of me. Here are some examples of what I mean:

If you don’t repost this you are not patriotic.

If you don’t give a like, you don’t care about the person who posted.

People who support care of animals don’t care about human beings.

Those who are anti abortion, don’t care about live babies and children.

Those who are pro-choice don’t care about the unborn.

Those who are anti-war don’t support our troops.

Those who have money don’t care about the poor.

Those who are pro-business, don’t care about employees.

Those who are anti religious, don’t have values.

Those who don’t support the president are anti-American.

All liberals are…(you fill it in) All conservatives are…(you fill in). Either way, the other side is evil.

Taking a stand for something does not require that we take a stand against something else.

If one’s position has merit, if it is useful in some way to others, it will hold its own.

We should not have to manipulate a system or deceive anyone to get our way when our position has merit.

Other people’s ideas flow from their experience…it makes sense at least for them. We should not bash them personally.

Other people’s perspective is simply their perspective. Not all differences in recall require that someone is lying or deliberately trying to hurt someone.

People make mistakes. We don’t always have to share our mistakes but should not lie about them either.

People change. If they change at heart level, you can usually tell if you pay attention.

Bad people sometimes do good things. Good people sometimes do bad things. We should wait to see what unfolds.

Truth tends to emerge slowly. But sometimes we are challenged to speak before we know the whole truth of something.

I am open to your thoughts. What kinds of comments come up on Facebook that make you angry?




One thought on “From Either – Or to Both – And”

  1. My question is this. If you encounter that much negativity on facebook, why not deactivate your account? I have 49 friends in my facebook group and we don’t say any of those things. We share ideas, crafts, recipes, prayers, travels, family, hobbies etc. Nothing was ever previously stipulated; we just prefer to stay positive and uplifting. Maybe it’s because there is too much negativity elsewhere and we prefer to keep that out of our group. I look forward to my facebook friends. And living in the UK; facebook has been immensely helpful for me to keep in touch. This might be a solution for you Judy…keep your circle small.

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