Merry Christmas to All

I have been away for some time due to technical difficulties…my own as well as the cite itself. But things look good for the future, though this page upon which I write my blog for today looks strange indeed. The opening page for the blog looks unfamiliar to me and it is bereft of fanciness, perhaps a sign of my life to come. Just words. No fluff. Simple.

Christmas is upon us. My own family celebrates tomorrow. Our Thanksgiving included most of my son’s family from Colorado. They won’t be with us for Christmas but as the day comes near, a couple of the Minnesota family members may be absent. One Grandson headed out to spend Christmas in Colorado…a first real adventure on his own…my thoughts are with you, Charlie. One grandson is just getting over a week of the flu but his mother is showing signs of getting sick herself. God knows who in the end will show up tomorrow. Those who are supposed to be here, if my spiritual calculations are working.

What matters is where our hearts are. Today my heart is with my loved ones everywhere. We span the world from Boston to Australia, Colorado to St. Louis and here in Minnesota. Friends are in my heart today, too. One whose father went home to his Heavenly Father this past week, another who reached the ripe old age of 89, and all those who journey with me on the spiritual path toward awakening. God is pleased with all, no matter where we are in our journeys.

Christmas for me is about Jesus’ message of Peace. Jesus’ idea of peace was so much more than just quietness of heart. It was about relationships that are vulnerable to see the truth about ourselves and to see “that of God” in others. It is about seeing everyone upon the earth as our Brothers and Sisters, equal creations of the Creator who takes delight in each.

Merry Christmas, dear ones.