Message in Unexpected Places

I read a story in my morning meditation book this morning that I thought was interesting. I thought I would share it.

A man once had a flat tire right outside the gates of a mental hospital. As he removed the lugs from the flat to switch them with the spare, they slipped off the curb where he’d placed them and down through the grill of a sewer drain. As he realized there was absolutely no way to retrieve them, he began to swear in frustration.

Just then, an inmate, who had been standing at the fence watching him said, “Why don’t you remove one lug from each of the other wheels and put them on the spare?”

“My gosh,” said the man, “what a brilliant idea! What in hell is someone as smart as you doing in there?”

“I may be crazy,” said the inmate, “but I’m not stupid!” 

(Step by Step by Muriel Zink)

The concluding remark: My Higher Power speaks to me through others in unexpected ways.

My thought: I will hear what God has to say to me when my ears are open to listening.