My Book is “Plausible”

I am not sure why, but people who read my book rarely tell me what they think of it. This is pretty intimidating. I can’t help but wonder if think they didn’t like it but don’t want to hurt my feelings. Truthfully, I would rather have someone challenge me than be silent.

There have been some marvelous affirmations that came from readers, however. One friend took me aside before he’d completed the book to tell me that he thinks I am a great writer. He added, “And I know what good writing is!” He filled my soul in that moment. Another had all sorts of questions about the characters and where I’d gotten my information. She clearly felt challenged by what I wrote. Her inquiry was sincere. She wanted to share it with a sister whom she knew would probably challenge my theology. I so enjoyed our conversation and hope she will introduce me to her sister at some point.

I feel especially complimented when readers ask to buy additional copies to give as gifts. One person bought 10 copies for Christmas gifts. Two people asked me if I would come to their church and study group to speak.

Most recently, I was asked by friend for a second copy which he planned to give to a friend whom he believed would really like it. This man’s opinion means a lot to me. In addition to being a person who has a spiritual bent much like my own, he is knowledgeable about the scriptures and is aware of how The Memorial of Jesus veers from what is written in the canon. When I handed him the book at our planned rendezvous, he wanted give me a word that showed his appreciation. He struggled a bit to come up with the word. “It’s plausible,” he finally said.

“Plausible”. The word feels so right! I checked it out later in my dictionary/thesaurus. Here are its synonyms: likely, believable, cogent, convincing, reasonable, thinkable, probable, credible, tenable, conceivable, imaginable, possible, admissible, compelling, sound, rational, logical, acceptable.

I suppose there are those who, after reading Memorial would disagree with my friend. To veer from the biblical accounts, they might say, makes the stories unacceptable. I regret that some might hold back from reading it if this is their fear. For me, Memorial answers the question, “What would it have meant to know Jesus, not as a savior, as a true friend.”

My friend thought my story “plausible”. I think he got out of it exactly what the author would hope.

4 thoughts on “My Book is “Plausible””

  1. Maybe I didn’t tell you I liked your book, but I did. To be honest I initially bought it because I wanted to be supportive. My thought was the content would not be of interest to me. I was pleasantly surprised as I began looking at it. I think I read it in 2 settings (which is unusual for me). It’s a very good read!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I find that people who understand spirituality as grounded in everyday life experiences appreciate the book more than those for whom doctrinal belief is central. I love having friends like you who “get it”.

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