“Win Bigly”

I am approximately 1/3 of the way through Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter by Scott Adams. I knew after the introduction that I would have to comment in my blog on this strange book, but I hardly know where to begin. The book is about President Donald Trump, whom Adams sees as a Master Persuader. I don’t disagree with his assessment. I am just not sure what to think about the value of being a master persuader in the first place. I know that I myself am not among the persuaded.

Most of the books I read are about how to live well, not in a material sense, but spiritually. I seek to be a better version of myself every day and I appreciate those writers who help me do that. I find living on the earth difficult at times and appreciate when others can lift me up to a place where I see Light about me instead of darkness. Light is about Goodness. Goodness in others inspires me to live the goodness in me. When I see goodness in myself and in others it is like looking into the Face of the Very Enthusiastic Creator who exclaimed “Good! Very Good!” when he rested from His work.

Win Bigly has nothing to do with goodness. As I said, the author’s intention is to show that our current president, Donald Trump, is a Master Persuader. The direction of the persuasion seems irrelevant.

The ability to influence others is a gift given to some by the Creator. Gifts can be used for good or for evil. The way it is used may not matter to Scott Adams, but it does to me. I am learning a lot in Win Bigly, but I am not sure what I am learning is what Adams intends.

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    1. I read on page 103 after the post: “Obviously the facts and policies do matter to outcomes. But in terms of persuasion, facts and policies and reason are useless.”
      That sort of explains his title and it suggests that there may be some morality here. Still reading.

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