A Dark Moment in Time

Awake at 3 am. I knew I would not be able to go back to sleep, so I got up and started the coffee. I read until 6…three hours. Bernie got up about 5:30. I told him that I woke up with the impeachment trial on my mind. I wasn’t arguing in my head about the the opposing parties’ positions. I wasn’t arguing at all, just laying in the sludge and feeling dirty.

I know that it isn’t any of the perspectives about the president that make me feel “icky” inside. Rather it is hatred itself that leads to the condemnation of a whole people. I believe that divisiveness is evil, based on my belief that God is One and God is Love. The extremes of taking sides with one’s own party seems cultish to me. One of the characteristics of a cult is that followers will follow a charismatic leader blindly, even denying their own doubts. Another is control to the extent that any dissent is considered traitorous.

I don’t know what will come. Our country has suffered division before, in fact, there is always division. From its birth, those who set out to create a new government showed their basic divisiveness in how they fought over how to design the new government. But the job got done. It wasn’t perfect, so adjustments had to be made along the way. More will have to be made. We are still in process.

What is frightening today is the violent tone, a vicious, bullying, condemning tone in which those with opposing views are deemed the enemy. We can get past that. Moderate, reasonable voices are around and hopefully will win out. Unfortunately, these don’t get the greatest attention. We need to know who those voices are, listen and join our own voices with them.

The frightening thing about this moment in time is that there are those who are stock-piling weapons in anticipation of a revolution of the bloody kind. We need to get out of this dark place into the light before a shot is fired. This is what kept me awake.

4 thoughts on “A Dark Moment in Time”

  1. A bsiness acquaintance from years ago and i have stayed in touch over the years by phone and now mostly email.
    He is a good person with a great family who built a successful supermarket business. He did it ethically and with hard work involving most of his family. i would call him a Nice Guy.
    He has always been a Republican but some how he became a
    In an email exchange, Trump became involved and i voiced some criticism. He emailed me back asking why i HATE Trump. My reply was that i din’t hate Trump i simply disagree with him.
    So now in this violent black or white society, disagreement has become hate.

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