A Short Post

With our adult kids here this weekend Bernie and I received all sorts of advice on staying home and safe. I looked out over my next couple of weeks thinking of all I hoped to do, seeing people I enjoy, wondering what to do. My daughter, Kate, gave this advice: “Act as though you are the one with the virus and behave as though you don’t want to give it to others.” What great advice!

As the hours passed, one event after another has been cancelled…as though my Higher Power took all decisions out of my hands. I have one event today that I have decided to go to unless it, too, is cancelled. I will practice the hygiene ideas I posted earlier.

One idea came up that I love. A friend suggested that if someone reaches out to hug you, fold your hands as though in prayer and bow slightly…a sign of peace and honor in other countries. I will practice that today.


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