Being on the Right Side of History

Today is Juneteenth and there are folks seeking to make it a national holiday. I consider myself a history buff yet didn’t know about this day memorialized by a large part of our citizenry. The fact that it is coming up to the surface now feels to me to be just part of a huge turn of this massive ship of a country we are on.

Reinventing our police forces is just part of the change we will see. I sincerely believe that when changes are implimented, members of departments across the country will find themselves full of pride for their work. And communities in which they serve will be proud as well. But this is just the beginning. I sense schools changing, housing, our financial institutions, even our churches.

Racism had its tentacles everywhere in society. What we are seeing now is a dissecting process. Even my own family members and friends are talking together, as though assigned to small groups in a college classroom. We are analyzing, reflecting upon, even tearing apart our old beliefs:

Consider this!
What if that!
I heard one mayor say!
The police captain admitted that…!
If only!
I never knew! 

We are white folks with shifting foundations. But it isn’t scary, not one bit. We are on the right side of history.

3 thoughts on “Being on the Right Side of History”

  1. Having experienced as a 20 year old soldier in 1950 the contrast in public segregation of black folks was shocking.
    As i think back 70 years later i see we folks in the north as being much more clever in hiding the same predjudice and segregation.

    1. Good to hear from you, friend Chuck. I hope all is well with you. Keep spreading your wisdom. We need it.

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