Little Book – Big Value

I am pleased to have heard from several of my old blog subscribers that they received notification about my blog after my son fixed the problem. That inspires me to get back to work.

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This may not seem especially interesting but I discovered yesterday that a humble paper-back booklet given to me by my cousin a few years ago is very valueable. The booklet is Your Owner’s Manual, self-published by Burt Hotchkiss. When I say self-published, I mean it looks like he took copies of his manuscript to the local printer and had multiple copies made, folded and stapled. I love the little book.

Burt Hotchkiss and his wife were trained in the Course in Miracles. The little booklet is his sharing the message of the Course in a much more understandable way. He uses real-life examples including from his own life. This is how I like learning about spirituality and philosophy. I call it incarnation, ideas packaged in human reality. In fact, if a spiritual or philosophical idea can’t shown to be applicable, which means helping one to live their life in a more meaningful way, I have no time for it. Hot air. Pillow fluff.

The price printed on the little paper book is $4.95. I thought I’d get a few copies that I can share with friends I think would appreciate it. When I tried to get to the web page Hotchkiss had on the back cover, it took me to Amazon where the book is for sale, used only. The price variation was between $75 and $135. I thought “I don’t know if I have a friend I like that much.” I suppose I could loan the book to someone, but at that value, I don’t know if I trust them to return it. Maybe I should insure it.

I wonder if my book will ever explode in value like this one.  If you have a copy of The Memorial of Jesus, hang onto it. You never know. If you don’t have one, better hurry up, there are only 300 copies left.

6 thoughts on “Little Book – Big Value”

  1. The location of my copy of “Memorial” will be carefully monitored and will be loaned only to those with a high “security clearance.”

    1. Chuck, I am sooo happy to see you back…rather, I guess I am back. I have always been enriched and encouraged by your comments.

  2. I will cherish “The Memorial of Jesus”. It might pay my nursing home costs someday!😂

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