Coronavirus…what I do

I realized today, I am not afraid of the virus…but I sure am obsessive. I am cleaning my house with disinfectants which I haven’t really done before. I like most germs and I don’t want to harm the friendly ones. But for this virus, I have gotten serious. At 75, I am among the more vulnerable and with my husband having COPD, there is added risk if her were to get sick. Here are some of the things I am doing;

Washing my hands more than I used to. Added to after going to the bathroom and before handling foods, I wash as I enter any building and again when I leave.

Not touching my face is a special challenge…I didn’t realize how often I did so until now. I realized that if I fold my hands in my lap or fold my arms, I don’t tend to do so.

I never touch a door nob with my bare hands. I have always done this in public bathrooms but now  do so for any doorknob. I will usually pull my sleeve down over my hand or I will wear a scarf and cover my hand while I grab the knob. Stylish.

In my house, I use sterile wipes to clean knobs and light switches before and after guests. Hand towels are changed more often and I am considering paper towels for guests.

I no longer shake hands but I am having a problem with hugs. A hug is so much more intimate and often a gesture for someone who needs support. I am going to have to trust God on this one.

I clean off my phone, my keyboard and TV remotes.

I do what others do when I cough or sneeze, use my arm or, if I am fast enough, a handkerchief.

I will for sure stay home if I feel ill.

Most of these have been recommended by the experts. As I said above, I am not afraid. I figure I either will or I won’t get the virus. If I do, I will or I won’t get seriously ill. If I get seriously ill, I either will or I won’t die. I don’t think the warnings are overblown. I think the experts need to be adamant because so much of the population is resistant to change. Those who don’t believe this is serious and won’t take precautions put others at risk.


3 thoughts on “Coronavirus…what I do”

  1. We are using paper towels for guests.
    And I like greeting with a slight bow to each other as in the namaste greeting …
    The God or light in me greeting the God or light on you.

  2. I do all those things and more ever since cancer. I’m always paying attention . Am I obsessed? No, never was but the darn media has made me paranoid now. This used to be easy but now seems terrifying. Thanks y’all for so much drama. I’m prepared to continue to be careful as we all should be because we have no idea what underlying problems others have. I’ll get back to more reading, crafting and probably enjoying all the birds showing up now.

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