Getting Political When Neutrality Doesn’t Work Anymore

I am not sure it is possible to be neutral in today’s political climate. I tried in the past few elections but then I wasn’t afraid for our country’s survival. I attempted to write blogs that encouraged my readers to look more deeply at issues. I also was more than willing to assume the good intentions of those on opposing sides.

I was never a Republican, but I have voted for Republican candidates. For most of my voting years, I didn’t declare a party as my own. I truly respected what I understood to be the position of the Republican party as one of fiscal responsibility. Democrats, in my mind, were dreamers and someone had to pull in the reigns or we would go broke. I always believed in paying taxes but was rather fussy in how they were being spent. At times, I thought the Republicans were a little short-sighted but I did respect their desire to keep a balanced budget.

But the Republican party of today isn’t the one I once supported. I blame the Tea Party which rose up early during Obama’s administration. These people had an agenda that was extreme and rigid. They fought for seats in the House and won many. In the Senate, they captured the majority. They were so extreme that they stood against any and all Republican moderates, challenging them in the primaries with candidates of their own. They succeeded in pushing out many good, moderate legislators with their tactics. Politics has often been called “the art of compromise”. The Tea Party considered compromise betrayal and effectively rendered congress unable to create any meaningful legislation.

Worse than this deliberate take-over is the partisan hatred demonstrated by the Tea Party members of Congress. I am appalled by the rhetoric coming from these legislators when I listen to hearings on TV. Their lack of respect for people who have served our country is disgusting. The saddest thing is the hold they seem to have on their Republican party. Any moderate voices are quickly squelched. Are the members being threatened? For sure, they fear not being reelected and I wonder if staying in Washington is the only thing of value?

People have said that Donald Trump is actually a reflection of the way the country has been going. They say the Republicans were already in place when he took office to support his presidency. Any criticism of the president is very rare. Some just remain quiet but continue to support the Republican’s current agenda. Those of us watching this are mystified by the support for a person who seems to violate values that are supposed to be sacred to people on the right, especially the religious right. It is more than mystifying. It is scary.

Some say that Donald Trump is not really a Republican, that he is just using the party. There is a video of him before he ran for president saying the Republicans are stupid and will believe anything. There are Republicans organizing right now to stand against him in the next election. If Joe Biden is elected and the Democrats take over both houses, I think these Republicans will work to regroup, redefine their values and maybe return the the party they once were.

I call myself a Democrat now, but I think having a two-party system is healthy for our democracy. I want the country to be healthy once again.

2 thoughts on “Getting Political When Neutrality Doesn’t Work Anymore”

  1. Hi Judy. Thanks for the message.i can relate to what you are saying except i was a Democrat having been brought up in a very strong union family and having known no other president than FDR until i was 15.
    As i grew older i could see some good things about Republicans as you point out. Went to the extreme and voted for Regan the first time having bought into the “trickle down” idea but didn’t take long to find that the only ones who had a pail to catch the ‘Trickle Down” were the wealthy.
    The only other time i came close to repeating my error was George HW who i still regard as a great president.
    Hopefully those days return tom when we have to give or vote some thought.
    We must all remember; a vote for anyone other than Biden is a vote for Trump.

    1. Interesting. I really don’t know where my parents were politically. My grandmother worked for the Democratic party in Chicago and my parents got in loud arguments with an aunt who was a far right Republican. So I suspect Democrat. My Dad, though, was against unions. He owned a tool and dye company and his people never belonged to the union. But my dad being who he was and what he believed about caring for your workers, I suspect they didn’t see the need.
      Life is interesting, isn’t it, Chuck. I hope when we go into the kingdom (the other one, not this one) we can sit down and talk forever.

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