God – Pro Gun?


Bernie and I saw the above on a bumper sticker driving home this morning from the mechanic’s shop.

I said, “What!!!???” I get the pro-life part. God, after all, is the source of life, all life. God loves all life, God’s own creation…all of it. But Pro Gun? Really? A person should be guaranteed his or her right to own a gun because God is standing behind them? Really? This same God who is in love with all life would approve of something that has the sole purpose of taking life away?

Now I have seen everything.

4 thoughts on “God – Pro Gun?”

  1. I don’t interpret it that way. I think the person is the one talking for themself not God and they want everyone to know.

    1. YOU may be right. I surely don’t know the person. I am concerned, however, that people get their religious beliefs mixed up with their political beliefs.

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