Hunkering Down in Minnesota

Minnesotans know we will be staying in place starting tonight at midnight. I went to town today to run errands. It took me two and a half hours and I have to say it was so fun. I went to Walmart to get material for a baby blanket and got some fresh and frozen vegetables while I was there. As I browsed the fabrics, there was another woman who honored the distance rule but that didn’t stop us from chatting about what we are up to sewing-wise. I love that kind of schmoozing. Two grandma’s making stuff. We talked about colors and what we do with our leftover fabric. I went to Aldie’s to get my favorite yogurt which I eat like ice cream these days. More chatting at the check out. Gas and check-out and the store owner was friendly as heck telling me how he washes his hands like he has never done before. I thanked him for his service.

It may seem strange but even though I have been staying in, except for today, I have felt busy. I get to the end of the day with three more things to  do on my list. Bernie likes to cook and making meals is a big part of his keeping busy. I have gained 5 pounds in the last two weeks. I am not joking and I need to do something about that. Our kids are keeping touch with us, more than the usually did before this fiasco.

I feel pretty safe with a governor who is a science teacher…not a bad deal for Minnesota at a time like this. Have to go…we have friends who have decided on a regular Friday “cocktail hour” on Zoom and that is coming up soon. I hope you and those with whom you are hunkering down have found creative things to do. We are just beginning. We need to watch out for one another.

2 thoughts on “Hunkering Down in Minnesota”

  1. I’m enjoying the look of my blank calendar! Everyday is a quilting day. Woohoo!! Can’t get much better than that!

  2. I understand your feelings totally! Imagine not going anywhere or not driving for 2 years, which was basically what I did while going through chemo. Now in remission, it’s tough to feel freer going anywhere when I was so dependent on Bill for everything. Our roles have changed now because he has some dementia, eye and eAr issues so cannot drive. I think God was preparing me for this bigger task. Other than not using the patience he has already given me, I think we will be ok. I’m looking forward to getting back into reading and crafting. I’m looking at the positive as much as I can. God’s got this!

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