Let’s Look Together at White Privilege – 17

As I come to the end of this thoughtful and honest contemplation on the issue of racism, I realize that author Robin DiAngelo has moved to a very deep level. It seems to me that whenever I struggle with an issue, I eventually go there.

I just deleted the next three paragraphs. I don’t think I can put into words what is stirring in me as I come to the end of DiAngelo’s book. Even she, in her last chapter, talks about her own continued struggle to be free of what she calls white frigility. Understanding and teaching about racism has been her life’s work and seems to have sent her into deep soul searching. If racism causes people to know themselves better, to understand our common humanity, it is a useful tool. But our job is not to create problems that others may grow. Our job is to work inside ourselves to become more fully the loving persons we were created to be.

This has been a difficult journey for me, especially bringing closure. Since I started, Covid 19 has worn on our family and the political situation has gotten worse as we come closer to the election. There were days when I wanted and needed to blog about something else. Sometimes, writing my truth was difficult and I struggled with just how honest I should be.

I am grateful to those of you who joined in on the conversation. I appreciated your honesty and insight. A couple of you sent me articles that I hope to comment on in later blogs.



6 thoughts on “Let’s Look Together at White Privilege – 17”

    1. Chuck, it was difficult to write about the depth of this, but if I had, the words “ego-self” and “true self” would have been there, and you would have known what I was talking about.

  1. Thank you Judy for your honest and in depth look at your white fragility. Because you have, I have. I appreciate that.
    With love and peace,

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