Old Journal Reflection

From my journal, March 26, 2008:

Watching the sun rise this morning, I remembered a game we used to do in Youth Ministry called “knots”. Teens would be instructed to get in a huddle and grab 2 hands, any hands. Then they were to try to untangle themselves until they formed a circle. I was never the one who could figure it out. The thought I had this morning, as I stood in the field, is that, in order to be free of being part of the conglomeration, all one had to do is “let go”. Easier yet is if everyone let go – though that would be cheating. In fact, people get pretty mad if someone lets go before the game is over.

Yesterday I prayed to be free of the time trap – it feels like a knot. It feels like a box. I feel You saying this morning “just let go”. So I guess I should get back to “one day at a time”, even “one moment at a time,” or, as Myron says, “Just do the next right thing.”

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