One of my Heroes

In 2008, I was reading Caroline Myss’ book, Entering the Castle. She prompted her readers to journal on the various chambers of the Mansion which is meant to serve as a soul-finding mission. I cooperated. For two months, I wrote…and I wrote…and I wrote, searching for my soul. On August 5, Myss shared this story as she wrote about the 4th Mansion:

There was a man whose life embodies humility and divine awareness…(he) sells home entertainment centers…(as he comes in contact with people) he envisions these…as blessings that have come into life to help him and, in return, he visualizes grace moving through all the components that he sells to these people. He begins his day in prayer and ends his day that way and consciously but quietly works to bringing peacefulness into his environment. “This requires that I always maintain a devotion toward maintaining my interior peace, so I live with one foot in the world and one within my soul.” He lives in readiness to receive God.

This clearly describes the place I am at, though my living in it is fleeting, very fleeting. The last few months have been especially difficult. The “one foot in the soul”, for me is “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.” And, Holy Moley! I find it hard! It’s like standing with one foot on the dock and the other in the water.

I have a friend (today in 2020). His name is Chuck and once in a while he pokes his head in and comments on one of my blog posts. Chuck to told me once that he had a job in a grocery store sharing samples of food. He said that when he handed to people a sampling of food in a little paper cup, he thought about serving communion in his church. He would pray inside himself, “This is the Body of Christ. Take and Receive.”

Chuck is, for me, a perfect example of a person who has one foot on the earth and the other in the kingdom of heaven. He is one of my heroes.

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  1. Very thoughtful. While reading this I was listening to Josh Groben sing “The Impossible Dream”. Reach your impossible star. Dare to dream especially right now when it feels like our world is crumbling.

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