One Question About the Trial of a President

I am finding it hard to blog right now. I have been watching the proceedings in  the senate and I get a sinking feeling. As we head down the path where the balance between the three branches of government is toppled, I wonder when and where there a point of no return.

The one question I have for the president’s defense team is this: If what the House laid out as crimes that should remove a president from office don’t  qualify, what action would qualify? Is there such an action? Trump  himself once said that he could kill someone and his supporters would still stand behind him.

I don’t know. DT is looking more like a monarch each day.

6 thoughts on “One Question About the Trial of a President”

  1. I question all the stuff printed in the media . How on earth can we truly judge this man when we are not physically there and hearing and seeing with our own God given eyes and ears? We have no right to judge him based on others opinions and interpretations. I am baffled 😕

    1. I think I understand what you are saying, Nancy. But I struggle to know what to do with the idea that we have to be physically present to judge. That would make me wonder about all of the video footage we see on the news of the president actually speaking. Are these not to be believed? Were they manipulated?
      As for the word “judge”, I can see that. Judgment usually means deciding about the inner intention of a person and I see this in both liberal and conservative media. But there is also discernment. Is what the president saying and doing harmful or helpful to the country?
      I think he has brought great harm.
      Just for starters (and one could argue this is less important than other harms): When I listen to him speaking, I think, “If my children and grandchildren talked this way, I would feel ashamed.” I hear him speak in a crude, demeaning way. His lack of civility impacts our whole country. I yearn for the civil way our former presidents spoke even about those with opposing political beliefs. Our whole public discourse seems to be sinking. Bullying is an acceptable, even lauded way to communicate.
      I feel weary and worried about our country right now.

  2. I feel your pain – it’s scary. The fact that the senators stand behind him makes me wonder if all common sense and morals have gone away. What kind of hold does he have on them?

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