Prayer of Presence

My mother used to say that prayer is more for the pray-er than those one prays for. I don’t know. I think prayer for others moves grace in some way, but I have no doubt in her premise that prayer helps the pray-er. It sure does me. I would like to share with you a prayer I wrote that is one I was in the practice of praying each morning as I would walk out into my field and greet the sun. I used body movements much like Native Americans do as they pray to the four directions. I appreciate it when I can pray alone and add movement to my prayer.



You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Below me, O God

I am grounded in this life, upon this earth. My life is what it is. I need to foster the capacity to accept life as it is for me, not as I wish it to be. For this is where I am meant to be right now, today, in this location, at this moment in time. In accepting this, I am safe.

You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Behind me, O God

All of life that I have experienced up to this moment is a gift to me. It is the life God has given to me to teach me, to awaken me. God has been with me all along. There is no point in my life where God was gone, even if I did not see. I trust that if there are parts of my story that I need to understand in order to live a full life, God will shine a light and I will be able to understand and forgive myself and others. I offer my past as a gift back to God to be used in service to others.

You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Beside me, O God

God gives me all that I need today, right now, in this moment. I am grateful for friends who are part of my life today to help me on my journey. I pray for those who are suffering today……………………………………………….I thank God for the world around me, the animals, the trees, the birds. These, too, are here to support me. “The Lord is my shepherd,”  says the scriptures. I don’t have to search any longer. All I need is here, right now.

You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Before me, O God

As I walk into this day, I give it to God. I think about my plans for the day………………………………….. I will aspire to be the most loving person I can be in any moment of the day. If my Creator has plans for me, different than mine, I pray to be open and willing. Only God knows where I can be of service. I offer God my whole week, my month and years. Only He knows what is in store for me. I need only do the best I can to love myself and others.

You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Above me, O God

I look to the skies and know that God is there. My God is the God of the Universe. There is no place that God is not. Not even to the ends of space or the ends of time. I am just a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand on the desert floor, yet God is conscious of me. Of me, God says, “You are precious.” ” You are the apple of my eye.” As I lift my thoughts to the Universe, I know that all the wisdom and guidance I need is there for me. I am never alone.

You are my God, you alone are my Lord…
Inside me, O Lord

I am part of the universe. I am a cell in the Body of God. As such, God is as much in me as in all other creatures. I breathe in God as I breathe in air. As oxygen flows through my body, God is flowing through me, nourishing me, transforming me, strengthening me. I exhale God as I exhale air. My breath becomes nourishment for the earth. My kind words to others are God encouraging them. My helpful hands are God caring for the management of the earth. As I go about the earth, I am God everywhere, present in the unique way that I am unique.

Here is my God, below, behind, beside, above, inside me. Where God is, there I am I . Wherever I am, God is.



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