Super Glue It

Caucus night was slim pickin’s. There were more township tables empty than ever before. At my table there were three of us. At another table, there were two, the mayor of that town and a former legislator. This was very discouraging to me. For one thing, there were fewer to pick from to go on the the county convention. I signed up along with the other two to fill three positions.

After writing what I did yesterday, I went to the caucus with a different set of eyes and ears. I was not for looking people who support me in my beliefs. I was looking for divisive and unifying language. I found both. I heard words of divisive anger and unifying compassion coming out of the same mouths. I felt discouragement and hope at the same time.

When Jesus woke up to the the Divine within him, I think he also woke up to the fact that the wholeness he’d found was not evident among his own people. He said to a woman seeking healing that he’d come to reach out to his own people, the children of Israel. In the end he healed the woman (who challenged him for being so rigidly attached to his agenda) but the point is, he realized that healing the brokenness among his own people was a first step to healing the brokenness in the world.

I got home last night in time to see the last half of the Democratic debates. What a mess! People yelling at each other or yelling just to be able to finish their own sentence. I heard hurtful accusations. One mistake and you are out, it seems. Only perfect people allowed here. I had trouble sleeping and ended up moving to the couch where I played games on my phone until I finally dozed off. I couldn’t handle the divisiveness.

This morning, the noise and tension in me has subsided.  I can see more clearly. I prayed as the sun rose for unity. I made a decision to look for a spirit of discord and division in those who lead our country. These I will not support and may work against them. I will look for a spirit of respect and oneness to support and may work for them. I will try to be a voice for unity as I go forward in my writing, my political involvement or simply as I go about my life.

Truly, I don’t know what else to do. Our country is so deeply divided. I think right now of my daughter-in-law, Wendy, who showed me how to pull torn flesh together, apply super-glue and hold it in place until the glue dries. The image makes me smile. It gives me hope.


5 thoughts on “Super Glue It”

  1. Love the super glue image., Judy. Thank you! At our caucus we had 2 excellent resolutions. I met a neighbor:) along with other people who were thoughtful. I signed up to help voter registration and become a delegate. A good experience.
    How to be glue….
    Thank you Judy
    With love and hope and peace,

  2. Any Christian will know that we are 100% in the end times, the 11:59th hour, if you will. It is clear and plain to see that the world is upside-down, inside-out. There are zero morals or values left. No integrity. The world is in deep debt everywhere, there are signs and wonders in the heavens and on earth. There is fighting everywhere, the health care, political, and educational systems are ruined. The very earth we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, all are kaput. What was once sin, is now being supported, even encouraged. Having said that, as Christian’s, we must continue to live in, not of, the world. But we mist have our eyes always on our salvation

    1. Wow. I won’t argue too much with you about the condition of the world. But I am much more hopeful than you are. I see goodness all around if I am wearing my spiritual glasses. I see dad’s playing with their kids in the park, children losing themselves in play in the snow, kindness toward the elderly in the local care center, people jumping in to give of themselves when there are natural disasters. What you call end times for me is life as life is. It may seem worse today than in the past, but a study of history will show that there were equally perilous times in the past when people lost hope.
      As for my role as a Christian, I think I need to keep my spiritual glasses on and not drown in the negativity. Jesus calls us to love. That is enough for me.
      By the way, “Any Christian” implies that anyone who doesn’t believe these are the end times is not really a Christian. My calling myself a Christian is about who I follow, not belief in a particular interpretation of the words in the scriptures. And besides, if we are in the end times, that doesn’t change what I am called to do today.

      I hope you see the goodness around you today.

      1. As I said, we must still live in this world. I thought it would be understood that we still must go about our work, help our neighbours, etc. When I say ‘any Christian’, I mean that most people are ignoring the signs of the times. Spitefully, purposefully, maybe even fearfully. Regardless, we must seek our salvation first and foremost. What surprised me is what surprised you! I don’t seem to get surprised at anything these days…

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