TESTING – TESTING – 1 – 2 – 3

It is taking some time to get my blog up and running again. My manager/son made some changes in providers ( don’t even know if provider is the right word). Today we talked about guests being able to subscribe so that they will be notified every time I publish a new post. Magically, he was able bring that object back from oblivion. So notice on the left the opportunity to leave your e-mail. I asked him about the folks who used to subscribe that have been wondering where I have been for the past four months. He found the number of subscribers, 43, but couldn’t discern whether they are still getting notifications. So this is a test. Those of you who used to subscribe and see this blog posted in your e-mail, let me know so we know that the master has succeeded.

I am happy to be writing again. So much is going on in the world. I like to ponder these things with my readers. I continue to read for my own enrichment and do research so that when I do launch out to comment on the affairs of the world, my thoughts are informative and contribute to unity rather than divisiveness. As the title of my blog implies, I am a peacemaker. I am also a person of faith who believes in the Creator/Power of Love that desires that all human be happy.

So, join me by submitting your e-mail and you will be notified whenever I post. And please, if you have agreements, disagreements, added insights, your own stories or expertise, share these. I love interacting with my readers.

Again, this is a test…if you are a former member and you get a notice of this blog, let me know by commenting below. Then I know we are fully back and running.

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    1. Thanks, Elaine. I am eager to get your book. I know, it is ridiculous that I don’t have it yet. I have a friend to that often goes to Alec and I asked her to pick one up for me.

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