This Long Sabbath

I am beginning to see some pretty funny posts on Facebook about the coronavirus situation. There is nothing like humor to diminish fear and lower anxiety.. I am also seeing some really positive, inspirational comments that help one see this situation like the Sabbath, an opportunity to spend time relaxing, reading, doing creative projects, and enjoying family.

One artistic friend is posting a story time each day for children stuck at home. I look forward to seeing some of our musical artists lifting us with song.

Our governor here in Minnesota spoke yesterday announcing the close of restaurants and bars and informing the citizens where to get help they need with monetary assistance and food. He made it clear why we are doing this. Our hospitals are not prepared for an onslaught of seriously ill people. By avoiding association with other citizens, we are slowing down the spread of the virus to give them extra time to gather what they need.

This is a time to support one another. Bernie and I have talked about ordering out meals occasionally to help keep our local restaurants working. I am making a list of people I want to be sure to check in with. I have a great collection of books that I am open to sharing with friends. For each of the performance cancellations this past week, I chose to let the organization or performers keep the money. I know there is more I can do…I will try to keep an open heart.

One more thing I can do is pray. This pandemic will be devastating for many that we won’t be able to personally help. So I plan to hold these persons that I don’t know in the light each day.

What are your thoughts and ideas?