This Virus Sucks

I am taking a break from my White Privilege series. I read this morning and have lots to share, but it is busy day ahead…

I received a picture via text this morning of three of my cousins. They are all slightly older than I am and, given our history, are like brother and sisters to me. Two are compromised as far as their health and are suffering dementia. Louie lives in north Chicago. Frannie and Mary live in Kenosha, WI. The picture was sent by their cousin from their dad’s side who has taken the two sisters in to care for them.

It was planned up until January that Bernie and I were going to take a trip to Chicago to see family. Every time we go, I know that it will be a last time for someone. We are all that age. Together we watched Aunt Maureen pass away knowing she was the last of a generation. I, my one surviving brother, and our many cousins are now the generation that serve as the elders. We will all die in time and then our children will step into that role. Seeing Fran and Mary and Louie brought tears to  my eyes. I don’t know if I will ever see them.

This virus sucks. I wonder exactly why we are succumbing to it, allowing it to take away so much of our joy. One moment of light as I looked upon them smiling so lovingly at me: this is not an end. There is no end. We will be together again. That is a positive. It is just a matter of when. Franny told me she is not afraid to die. Nor am I. Jesus showed that death is not an end. That takes the edge off.

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  1. Along with the suffering of loss we must always remember to be grateful for all the good years we had together.

  2. Judy,
    You brought tears to my eyes also. We were with Frannie & Mary a couple days ago and they were all bringing up things from their childhood memories. Your comments are a realization of the facts of life.

  3. I remember your cousins at the time of your wedding, so they will always be young and fun to me. Live with the memories of your fabulous Chicago family.

    Love and virtual hugs,

    1. Okay, reading over people’s comments this afternoon, yours is the one that brings tears to my eyes. My fabulous Chicago family. What an interesting bunch we were with an interesting history.

  4. Oh Judy, I too am in the group of older folks and am also angry that this Covid has taken some life away from me , just when God blessed me with a reprieve from cancer treatments. I’m trying to find joy in the little things , like the birds flocking to my feeders daily or maybe a distant conversation with neighbors. Look for the good we so take for granted. I made picture walls down my hallway so that I can recall good times and friends and family. It reminds me often. I’d love to see the pictures of your other cousins? And any other family ones you might want to share. Hugs 🤗

    1. I am pretty good at appreciating the little things, too. We live in the country and wake to the birds and fresh air every morning. I love mornings, Later in the day, as I begin to tire, I begin to get a cloudy mind. But the joy always returns. Having people in my life, like you, sure helps. We are all in this together. I will message you a few pictures soon. Send me your phone number on private message on Facebook and I can text pictures to you.

  5. Oh Judy I’m sorry for your suffering and all the suffering brought on my the virus. It is all heartbreaking.

    Death does not have the final word. Love is stronger than death.

    Thank you for your post. You mentioned today is a big day….go for it.
    Love you. Peace.
    Kathy Brown

    1. Thank you Kathy. We share the same vision…love is stronger than death. Hearing it from another only makes it more true.
      The rest of my day was beautiful because part of it was spent with my daughter who understood my feelings about my cousins. It was a delightful time…we broke a few covid rules…our grandkids tend to get out about the world more than we do…especially in their jobs. But OMG, it felt to good to talk to them face-to-face and hug them. She had a chef friend at her house who fixed us an amazing gourmet lunch. After that we stopped to see some friends (in their yard, a safe distance). They had picked some blueberries at their son’s farm in Cloquet to share with us. Lots of empathy and laughter about grandkids and kids.
      We so needed today.

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