Thoughts About Jesus – 2003

Sunday, April 13, 2003. The Journal of Judy Jeub:

“I’m not interested in going to mass this morning. The longest gospel of the year – Palm Sunday. With “the group” coming, we’ll read it then. That’s enough. I hate the crucifixion story. It is like listening to the news and hearing about Saddam’s torture of a prisoner or about “collateral damage”. The crucifixion goes on and on and on. I love hearing about the resurrection, but not Jesus’ resurrection. (Rather,) the one I witnessed in Guatemala. The construction of a composting latrine. The education of children from the ravines. An alcoholic taking his or her first step to sobriety. I love hearing about Pentecost – not the one with fire on people’s heads, but the one with fire in people’s hearts. The one that drives people to carry a sign for peace. The fire that makes a person jump into a river to save a life. The fire in a written letter to an editor. The fire of a passionate song for justice.

“I hate to hear about Jesus coming again…some day. “I am with you”, he said. At the judgment, we’ll see that he was there all along in the least of the brethren. He’s been here all along – the spirit of God in the poor, the lowly, the sick and dying, the wounded and grieving, the imprisoned. He’s here calling forth love, begging for fire from those with the power of Pentecost. He begs us to recognize Him. When people thrust Him into the future up into the sky, they lift their eyes above the real Jesus, there in the people.”

I wonder who that woman was that wrote that?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts About Jesus – 2003”

  1. I don’t think that these events should be ignored or cast aside by anyone. They were depicted and written exactly that way for a reason.

    1. Yes, but I believe they are eternal words with meaning for us yet. I continue to see death and Resurrection and the pouring out of the Spirit in the world around me. Don’t you see it, too? Marie, I have written a book about Jesus, “The Memorial of Jesus”,published two years ago. Lots of research and, while it is a fiction, events in the bible can be seen in the stories. I don’t know if you would like it or not. As my friend Chuck (who also comments here) said, I needed to “see Jesus with skin on”, so I wrote a story about him.

  2. Reinds me of the story about the little kid’s expression, after assurances of Jesus’ presence, said, “I want to see Jesus with skin on.” This lady expresses my feelings so well.
    From Meister Eckhart;
    God has been the common savior to the entire world.
    And this fact delights me much more than if God had
    saved only me.
    Thank you for sharing Judy

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