Too Many Books to Read before I Die.

Yesterday, I posted a journal reflection from 1997. This is my reflection this morning, June 5, 2020:


There was a woman at Good Shepherd Nursing Home. I always passed her room when I was going down the halls to see (my friend) Olie. She lay on her bed, usually on her side, reading. I could see the books but not the titles. I can imagine that she couldn’t always sit to read because, like me, her ass end would get numb and the circulation to her legs would get pinched off. So she’d stretch out on her bed and read, read, read. The learning continues.

I don’t know if she is still in her body. Olie is gone out of her’s so I have no reason to go there anymore. But she comes to mind this morning and I thank God that her eyes continued to work so long. I pray that there is a library in heaven so that when I go there I will visit her and we can talk about all the books we have read while on the earth.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Books to Read before I Die.”

  1. I so feel the same way. As a matter of fact, I have always “kidded my kids” that when I die they have to place ALL of my Terry Brooks books in the casket with me! (I have every book he has written!). Having traveled to Jamaica once with my two daughters I who had to place some everlasting of my books in THEIR suitcases, my books retirement gift from them was a Kindle. So…will there be a place to plug in electronics in “Heaven”?—That’s what I want to know. It might save those who carry the casket from developing hernias😂😂😂!

  2. I feel the same way about quilting. I can’t die until I have all the unfinished and unstarted projects done!

  3. Such a nice surprise to hear from you, Nancy. Hope all is well. Yes, you and I have always been adult leaners.

  4. When I was young, I used to wonder HOW I would ever get to read all the books I wanted to in my lifetime. Then in my teaching years I thought, well when I retire I will have time to read MOST of the books I want to read. Now I have realized I will never read them all, so just read what you can when you can.

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