What Lives Under the Porch

Blogging is a difficult task for me right now. Any excuses I used over the years for not get around to  writing, whether my blog, a story for publication, or a book, have fallen by the wayside. I look upon toward day that is almost empty of duties. I take that back: there are the usual routine things one does plus a project or two. What is different is that the interruptions (meetings, gym class, doctor’s appointments, planned visits with friends, ordinary shopping) have all fallen away, leaving hours unaccounted for. At times in my life, I dreamed of days like this. It is what vacations look like except now we are in our homes instead of some exotic place in another location.

The difficult thing is that deep things are going on inside me but I struggle to find words to share these things. If I click “spirituality” in my list of blog categories I would guess over a thousand postings would come up. I would also guess that I felt pretty secure when I wrote them or I wouldn’t have posted them for public viewing. As deeply as I am feeling now, my security level is under the back porch somewhere with the awakening critters.

Some days in the past couple of weeks I have simply chosen to go light, reporting what I am doing as I stay in. It may have to remain that way for a while until I feel safe to come out of the darkness. With that in mind, I will share a couple of not-so-deep things I am noticing:

  • It seems I am communicating with others more than I did when I was mobile…and so is everyone else with me.
  • I am surprised by who are those I tend to miss now that we can’t actually see each other in the flesh.
  • I rather like simplicity. Planning meals and deciding what part of laundry I will do today isn’t nearly as heavy as duties I once had when I could roam about the world.
  • I can expect to get some things done in a timely manner, like making a gift for the birth of a new baby or a wedding.
  • I love that those things I most love can stretch out over more time such as my morning practice.
  • If I open my eyes and ears, I realize how exotic this little corner of the world is where I am vacationing right now.

Whenever I discover this thing, this understating, that is so illusive to me, I will most certainly share it. But for now, it still hides in the dark.

3 thoughts on “What Lives Under the Porch”

  1. Hello from across the pond Judy. I have been enjoying your posts immensely. The strategy my friends and family are taking right now during this incubation period; is to spread as much joy, laughter, love and happiness as possible. That has come from utilizing face book and skype as much as possible. And the change of attitude has been so infectious that we are feeling better inside and out. We are sharing our favorite music, favorite hobbies, favorite recipes etc. My sister and I are making my mom’s recipes and channelling her spirit and that’s been great! Looking for the joy and praising God in every way possible has been so uplifting. So I hope you smile a lot today and share happy thoughts. Have a great day!

    1. Just curious. Were there specific dishes your mom prepared that you kids remember as really special? I know my mom used to make sweet and sour green beans often for family pot lucks. Good to hear from you.

      1. Yes. My mom made fab homemade bread, potato salad, polish sausage, german potato salad, pies, cakes, cookies etc. I am making her lamb cake for Easter. She was a great cook. Eileen and I were hoping to make the sausage when my husband and I visited this summer. Sadly, that won’t happen this year. Thanks for asking though.

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