So far this year, in our United States of America:

Over 200 mass shootings
7,500 plus killed in shootings
23% increase over 2020

This past weekend, in our United States of America:

13 mass shootings in 8 states
13 dead and 70+ wounded,
each shooting involved at least four victims killed or wounded

This is a nation “Awash in Guns”
Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey


2 thoughts on “CRISIS IN AMERICA”

    1. Here in the US we have a higher death due to gun violence per capital than any first world country in the world, Here, we have hardly any restrictions on who can own a gun or what type of firearm they can own. Gun laws being introduced require background checks and restrictions on weapons of mass destruction. They have nothing to do with restricting private gun ownership for hunting or for citizen wanting to carry a handgun for personal safety. This is one of my hot-button issues, worth marching for. At 76, I can imagine losing my life to gun violence any time anywhere. I protest with the hopes that my grandchildren can live in a safer world.

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