Laughing Jesus

Reading my journal of 2012, I came across my comments about a book I was reading at the time, The Laughing Jesus. Apparently, the book is divided into two parts – the first, it seems, bashing the three religions of the book (Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim). It seems even to question whether the historic Jesus really walked physically on the earth, (which I have never doubted). The second part was about Gnosticism. The quotes, as I read them today, are so amazing. When I first recorded them in I felt that this category Gnostic fit me. Here are my thoughts this morning as I reflect again on Gnostic belief:

I (we) live in 2 worlds, the physical world of separation where I feel alone, different, unconnected, misunderstood, unseen, ignored, forgotten; the other, the spiritual world of Oneness, unity, “that of God”, whole, belonging, connected, known appreciated, re-membered. Gnosticism is living in the consciousness of the latter.

This life right now, where Covid threatens to rob any of us of quality of life or to pull us from the earthly life at any time…this life in which we are all living. Here people are fearful, poor, hungry, confused. But all this earthly life is passing like a movie we are watching. In it we are all actors in a massive play. We are only actors. Like a play, we live in tragedy, comedy, suspense and resolution. But, again,  we are each only actors, higher beings, souls come to visit, to play our part.

Consciousness is knowing (gnosis) that the roles we play are just roles. We forget sometimes that the play isn’t real – until someone forgets their lines and laughs or comes out onto the stage with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his belt.

No wonder the book is called Laughing Jesus.