A Walk with Dyer

I went to the New2You store in Little Falls on Thursday, senior discount day (25%).  For those unfamiliar with the store, it was opened a few years ago to help support the Boys & Girls Club next door. My husband Bernie had a hand in it and he continues to serve on the store board and volunteers hours each week helping out in the office.

I stopped by to take a quick look at their used books and ended up walking out with 6 for which I payed $2.50. How’s that for a bargain? Two I will give as gifts and I expect to read the other four.

One that I picked up is Wayne Dyer’s There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. I liked the title because without even reading the book, I believe it. I just think reading Dyer’s take on the idea will deepen this belief. I paged through the book and read the Foreword and Introduction. I find I can’t wait to get into the meat of it.

I took a peak at the Index and found that he refers to David Hawkins several times throughout. I will often do this when buying a book. If I am drawn to one philosopher or spiritual teacher, I find that I can usually trust another who is drawn to the same. At 77, I have read many ways of looking at how the worlds work and have come to settle on some ideas of my own. I imagine my spirituality will deepen and grow but not likely change. Reading insights by others on a similar path helps me with this.

In the forward, Dyer talks about surrender or turning a problem over to a higher power. Already we are on the same page. For me this is the first step in recovery. It can be a slight turn that aims one in a totally different direction. He also talked about helping others as a path to joy. Bingo.

The third idea that stands out for me I shared with some friends this morning and these dear sojourners all nodded with recognition. He said we can shift out of low energy patterns and access spiritual guidance in a matter of moments…simply a thought away. Bingo again.


2 thoughts on “A Walk with Dyer”

    1. My spiritual director used the word “observer” for the True Self. I think and feel all the time, but the person who can step back and watch the thoughts and feelings go by is the observer. When the observer is functioning, one can choose whether or not to latch on to thoughts and feelings. This is the territory of serenity and joy. The last paragraph suggests that the shift between absently thinking and feeling and seeing my thoughts and feelings can be instant. One moment I am caught…the nest moment I am not. For me that sometimes happens from the outside…I remember walking through the woods one day, swirling in my head with God knows what thoughts. Suddenly an owl swooped down and almost hit me in the face. It seemed like God was telling me, “Wake up! Look at the trees and critters around you. Be in the here and now>” It was a spiritual moment for me.

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