Cathedral Ceilings

My husband and I went shopping today for new counter tops for our kitchen. The old counters are just fine, but the color green is 21 years old and we thought something lighter might brighten things up. It is our second update on the house since we built it. The first was a new sliding glass door out the back onto our porch. That was three years ago. Don’t want to move too fast when it comes to change.

I just got up from my nap which always takes place on the couch that butts up against the tallest wall in our house, about 14 feet from floor to ceiling. When we built the house cathedral ceilings were “the thing”. You could buy a tiny little house with very little floor space that looked spacious because of the high walls. What a scam! Cathedral ceilings belong in cathedrals.

First of all, repainting the walls is out of the question. We are both 77 years old and ladders are no more a sensible option, so this is a job for professionals. The new owners whoever and whenever that may be will be blessed with that chore. On the wall behind my couch we have a hung a 4′ by 8′ Aztec design blanket. I think we got it from my daughter and her husband when they went to Mexico years ago. My daughter doesn’t remember giving it to us and we have never been to Mexico, so here is no sentimental attachment to it. But what in the world would we put on such a large wall if we didn’t have it? Cathedral ceilings belong in cathedrals.

Heat rises so we have a fan installed to force the rising heat to the floor so our feet don’t get so cold. Not a bad idea until one has to clean the fan…another ladder chore. I remember a friend who had such a fan but it was so out of reach  she had to have a professional come in just to dust the damned fan. Cathedral ceilings, ugh, belong in cathedrals.

Sound, it seem, also rises and bounces off of things like walls and ceilings. That is great if the sound is a magnificent organ or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In our house, my husband can be talking on the phone in the kitchen and I can’t hear the television in the den which is a totally different room down the hall. Yes, yes, I know. Just turn up the volume and I have done that…and Bernie yells from the kitchen, “Turn down the TV! I am talking on the phone!” Cathedrals can keep their ceilings, as far as I am concerned!

How did I get from counter tops to ceilings? If you give a mouse a cookie…


3 thoughts on “Cathedral Ceilings”

  1. Thanks Judy. Fun to chuckle!! I hadn’t thought about those ceilings before…don’t have any; but I would have bitten hook line and sinker:)
    Thanks again:)

    1. On the plus side, cathedral ceilings can allow for bigger windows and bring more light into a house. Also, because they are high, we have beams where I can put lots of my collectables. That seems like a good and attractive idea until it comes time to dust…another ladder chore.
      My complaining will not deter architects, I am sure. Aesthetics matters. I am just getting too old to take care of aesthetics.

  2. Great pick me up! So enjoyed your story, brought back memories! I certainly feel your pain about cathedral ceilings. We built a big house in Salina Colorado many years ago with the big high ceilings. Nowadays I wonder why we ever built that house. A teepee would have worked just fine. I do have a solution for your wall behind the wall hanging. Look up “mixed tiles” they are amazing for showing off all those photos on your phone that you never look at! I probably have 40 of them down my long hallway. They are amazing and I get many compliments on them. Certainly a conversation starter! I watch too many house fix up shows so am always changing something. Good luck.

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